lady's tombstone
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So, who is LADY?

Well, she is a dog or more appropriate, was a dog. I saw her tombstone with the other dogs’ in a DOGS Graveyard. The graveyard is one of the spots my family and I saw when we went to William S. Hart Ranch House & Museum in Newhall, CA.

I love pets. I grew up with dogs and cats and ducks and birds. And when I was a kid, I loved to train them. One of my dogs was very special. I used to jog then and when I got Bixby, a female, she was with me jogging from just a little puppy to a full grown dog. We jogged for so many miles as I used to compete in marathons. As she grew up and because of our rigorous jogging activity, she became muscular and even tougher than most male dogs. She never allowed any male dogs to touch her.

One Sunday morning, she disappeared. It never happened before. The whole family looked for her and can’t find her. My dad then was still alive and he cried just like the rest of us.

The afternoon of that Sunday, we heard her barking outside our house and seemed to be asking for help. When we saw her, she was covered with blood and gasping for breath. She was dying.

In about 5 minutes, a jeep full of thugs arrived and claiming our dog was their dog. They actually tortured her and planned to eat her. This all happened when I was still in the Philippines. Sad to say, there are guys who really eat dogs in our country. There was a Fiesta or a Festival about 4 miles from our place at that time and we were sure Bixby escaped from these bullies and was able to return home even though she was wounded.

When my dad saw these cannibals, he went inside and took his bolo, a long and heavy knife, and tried to hit them. They left immediately fearing for their own lives. I never saw my Dad that angry until that very moment.

Bixby didn’t survive and she left us with tears in her eyes. I will never forget Bixby, my best friend for more than 5 years and my LADY.