LOMO Effect in Photoshop

This is a copy of another copy. Just want to save this on my blog. – kk

What follows below was originally on {http://www.redscreen.net/photolog/} As the site seems down, I decided to post the info, as it might be of interest to others. Please not that the images are presented at the size of 110×83 (from google) and not the original 300×226 as I did not get the chance to save them. Visit kottke.org for example photos.

I made some actions for all you fakelomo fans. There are 3 different ones, each give a little different flavor lomo, hope you like them. They should work on any picture, of any dimensions, though for pictures larger than 600×600 I recommend changing the feather amount accordingly. Here are some examples of the effects, original one first, then the 3 types:

Here are the actions (NOTE: these actions are not the original ones but from www.blancha.com/blog)

In case you didn’t know, put them in …/Photoshop/Presets/Photoshop Actions/ Enjoy!

Here is the “old” tutorial, it is more size/shape sensative than the actions, so it may benefit you to download them anyway.

File: Open: the picture you want

Image: Adjustments: Brightness/Contrast: increase contrast by 20

Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation: increase saturation by 20

Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool (your basic selection tool)

Change feather amount to 1/12 the width of your picture (if your picture is 600px wide, as all mine are, then you will set your feather to 50px.

Select your entire picture note: using select: all, will not work

Select: Inverse

Layer: New: Layer

Change your primary color to black. Fill the selection (on the new, blank layer).

Change the blend mode of this layer to Overlay

Layer: Duplicate Layer

Now select your base layer (the one with the picture on it).

Layer: New: Layer

Change your fill tool to Gradient

Change your Gradient Type to Spherical

Change your Gradient Shading Style to “foreground to transparent” (I believe this is the default).

Change your primary color to white.

With the fill tool selected, click in the middle of the picture, and drag the line out to the farthest edge of your picture (if it’s a portrait, use top or bottom, if landscape, use left or right).

Change the blend mode of this layer to Overlay

Change the Opacity of this layer to 80% (or whatever you see fit, you’ll see what I mean).

Now you are actually pretty much done. You can merge the layers together if you wish. I hope this was easy enough to understand. I may have made it much more difficult than it should be, but I don’t know enough about photoshop to make it any easier on myself. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I would be happy to help. I will try to make my actions available by the end of next week.


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